Anonymous said: If a hermaphrodite mated with itself, and became pregnant, do you think it would it produce a clone?

A t-shirt given to me by my American buddy, EvilCarlos. #oldrake

A t-shirt given to me by my American buddy, EvilCarlos. #oldrake

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Anonymous said: I'm DRUNK!

Anonymous said: hi


Anonymous said: How much theory do you know? I know guitarists like Glenn Tipton claim not to know many scales and just play what sounds good instead of focusing on having to play certain scales in certain keys. What is your approach? Do you just improvise and stick with what sounds cool or do you take the theory approach?

I know a fair deal of theory and I do use it, but I don’t rely on it. I improvise until something clicks. My playing has some sense of theory/method to it, but sometimes I’ll make a mistake and that’ll turn out to be the more interesting route.

New phone background. 124 years old yesterday! #lovecraft

New phone background. 124 years old yesterday! #lovecraft

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Anonymous said: I read that you said your lead style is "sloppy pentatonic's" and that you can't/don't do Petrucci. I tried and practiced for hours to play like Petrucci but the closest I got was somewhere between Satch and Hammet. I feel with the recent wave of super duper technical guitarists coming out to play that I'm no good and it really puts me down when it comes to composition. Is it normal to feel like that? Ive been told I can play and write well but the "scenes' not there"

When I was younger, I remember a show we did at a biker festival. We were supporting this rock covers band and after our set I thought it was a great gig and I thought I played pretty good. Then the headliner came on and I heard this Vai-esque widdling and I felt about a millimeter tall as I thought “he’s way better than me”. After years of gigging, playing and learning, I’ve learned that it doesn’t mean shit what anyone else can do on the guitar, no matter how good or bad they are; if they shred circles around you, so what? if they suck and you’re “better” than them, so what? - If a bridge started collapsing with you under it, would it really matter who’s better at soloing? It’s not the end of the world.

At times I try to remember the first time I picked up a guitar. I’m sure you remember that feeling of wonderment and awe at the instrument and everything you played/learned amazed you, even if you sucked; that should still be prevalent now. I feel as soon you call yourself “A Guitarist” and start comparing yourself to other people you attach so much pressure and expectation to yourself that you stop enjoying it. And that’s what it should be about; not about out-shredding other guitarists. I’d rather play one note for 10 seconds pulling a stupid face than go “see how many sweeps I can sweep into a sweep” in the space of 0.7 seconds, in Z Minor.

The Petrucci style of playing is due to countless hours of practicing and studying for MANY years; there will have been so much discipline, concentration and dedication to that; but that doesn’t mean it’s “better”. I’d sooner rather listen to Slash playing.

I say just go for it as you have been doing, listen to new music for inspiration, pick up ideas and just dedicate yourself to bettering yourself on the instrument and not giving a shit what anyone else can do on it. 

Anonymous said: Can you ask ME a question?

H….. How?

Happy 48th Birthday to Dimebag Darrell - sorely missed and still a continuing inspiration.

Anonymous said: Will your solo album secretly be a ZZ Top cover album called ZZ Not?

AA Bottom would make more sense

Fuck this cop

Fuck this cop

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Anonymous said: Do you ever worry that people will just think of you as 'the guy from evile'?

Nah. What people think doesn’t affect things. Evile was 15 years of my life and I’m 30, so it’s understandable.
When people at Bloodstock went “Evile!” at me I’d go “Nope!” haha

malice-of-choronzon said: What's your new job?!

a 34 year old Russian spy. I have to keep it clean though; probably cyanide in his sleep.

bstobart said: Yo! It was cool meeting you at Bloodstock! (I'm the obnoxious blond who's friends with Fionn and asked you for a photo whilst drunk) :D

I vaguely remember that. I think. I don’t know… but it was nice meeting you too!